By Chris Farish

Whether it is the “conscious uncoupling” of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin or the solidarity shown in a joint twitter announcement like MacKenzie and Jeff Bezos, celebrities and the uber rich tend to divorce in private. There are the clear exceptions to the rule, but in general those who live their life in the spotlight don’t want their true personal life to be exposed there.

However, the lesson isn’t the thirst for privacy in the most difficult of times, but rather the fact that many of these folks are able to put aside their anger and focus on peaceful resolution and their children. Celebrities seem to be keenly aware that there exists an alternative way to resolve disputes and they consciously choose that option.

The venom and vitriol of a prolonged divorce can poison co-parenting relationships and wreak permanent damage on children. The arguments need not be published in the newspaper (or the National Enquirer) to be public enough to cause damage.

Even without publicity, the things that are said in the throes of a divorce action can never be taken back, and will always cloud the relationship between the parents and affect the children. In the heat of the moment it is often hard to compose oneself and focus on resolution. That is what makes the Collaborative Divorce process so different.

Collaborative Divorce clients have the benefit of a full team of professionals who are dedicated to helping them resolve their disputes respectfully. This team works together with both clients to create a safe space to share concerns in a way that is transparent and less confrontational.

Collaborative Divorce removes the threat of running to the courthouse and allows clients to take an active role in crafting their own resolution. This creates space for a consensual resolution to the dispute that allows the clients to focus on what is truly important to them and their family.

Divorce is a major life change that brings with it inevitable feelings of hurt, betrayal and failure, but it is also a prime opportunity for growth and renewal. No matter how acrimonious the marriage may have been, the end of the marriage is an opportunity to put those feelings aside and focus on the future.

Everyone can take a cue from those in the spotlight and choose to divorce in a different way. Collaborative Divorce offers privacy, dignity and flexibility to clients, and allows them to craft their own solutions. While these celebrities may or may not be using the formal Collaborative Divorce process, they are still models of how to make a conscious decision to take back the reins in times of turmoil and to resolve disputes with respect.


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