By Carie Silvestri

One of the single most frustrating things for mediators is when the parties arrive at mediation without being prepared.  They don’t have the necessary documentation, or the information is out-of-date.  Come to mediation with whatever you need to settle that day, including current valuations for everything. You don’t want to waste the mediators time and your client’s money on matters that can be handled ahead of time, such as obtaining current financial statements or looking online for a real estate valuation.

Following is a checklist of current documentation to bring to mediation:

  1. Partnership and business valuation
  2. Real estate property valuation
  3. Vehicle valuations
  4. Current balance statements for all bank accounts (savings, checking, money market, and CDs)
  5. Current balance statements for all stock and bond accounts (stocks, bonds, mutual funds)
  6. Current statements of all retirement accounts and pension plans (annuities, IRAs, deferred compensation
  7. Life insurance
  8. Tax returns
  1. Current statements for all loans and debts (mortgages, home equity loans, credit card accounts, student loans, motor vehicle loans)
  2. Updated inventories/personal property appraisals
  3. Any tax or business issues needing a CPA’s input or involvement
  4. Completed custody valuation (if applicable)

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