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When you have a legal concern of any kind involving your family, your health or your livelihood, it is in your best interests to have it resolved as efficiently and effectively as possible. The sooner these matters are handled, the sooner you can alleviate stress and move forward with your life.

When choosing a lawyer to assist you with a family law need, you want someone who is not only experienced, but dedicated to providing the quality legal counsel and personalized service you deserve. At Silvestri Family Law, PLLC we are committed to achieving our client’s goals both in and out of the courtroom. Let us to put our experience to work for you.

Our experienced attorneys have appeared in courts throughout the state of Texas. Although we have the skill needed to effectively present your case in front of a judge or jury, we still make every effort to resolve disputes using non-adversarial methods, including mediation and collaborative law.

Benefits of Using a Financial Professional in Collaborative Divorce

In the team approach of collaborative divorce, the Neutral Financial Professional (FP) can be an enormous asset. Instead of each client paying the billing rate for his or her family lawyer to work up their financials separately (the protocol in litigation), the collaborative team has only one financial player, so only one fee to be… [read more]

Improve Communications with Collaboration

By Linda Solomon, LPC, LMFT Collaborative Divorce encourages open communication. It creates a chance to begin healing, by talking, with one another and the collaborative team. Granted, it’s ironic, since communication is often a primary area of stress in any marriage. But that’s why the Neutral Mental Health professional is so critical and productive in… [read more]

What is a Neutral Financial Professional in Collaborative Divorce?

By Hunter Nibert, CPA Within the collaborative divorce process, in addition to each client engaging their own divorce attorney, two “neutral professionals” round out the team to reach a divorce settlement amenable to both parties: a mental health professional (MHP) and a neutral financial professional (FP).  For this post, we will focus on the financial… [read more]